Full Stack Web Developer – Ruby & JavaScript

Join a team of highly passionate, experienced and talented full stack developers at Teamtailor!
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This is a great job opportunity 

What is the role?

At the core, you will be part of the team that plans new features, and develops the product. You will also take part in planning the roadmap, talking to the customers, and be a part of building a world class team.

What skills do you need?

Teamtailor is a Ruby on Rails and Ember.js app. Other key components in our current setup is postgresql, elasticsearch, redis. Previous relevant experience is great, but we value the ability to learn new things over past experience.

Frameworks and Services

  • Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, React Native
  • Sass, Bourbon, CSS grids
  • Postgresql, Redis, Elesticsearch
  • Analytics service built inhouse
  • Heroku, AWS Lambda, Cloudinary, Section.io
  • Semaphore, Sentry, Xcode, Fastlane


  • Slack, Trello, Screenhero
  • Invision, Sketch, Abstract
  • MacBooks and the editor of your choice

Qualities we look for

  • Fingerspitzengefühl. For every challenge there is a infinite number of possible solutions, you should have a talent for finding the best one.
  • Eager to learn new things. The only thing we know is that a lot of things will change. Both the tech we use, but also about the industry we operate in.
  • Passionate. We love what we do, you should too.

Interested? Apply today. Or if you know someone that you think would like this opportunity let us know.

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Why work with us?

What can you offer the candidate? What differentiates you from your competition? List your employee value propositions. Be concise, but make sure to include all benefits. Write down everything you offer that’s unique, to stand out.

  • Benefit 1

    For example, write something about the compensation that you offer, is it competitive?

  • Benefit 2

    What kind of social activities do you do together? Write about everything from lunches together to annual trips.

  • Benefit 3

    Do you for example offer your employees some kind of health care?

Workplace & Culture

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